Big Fertility Project’s mission is to make life better for people with fertility issues.

I’m Matt Prior, a fertility specialist, and founder of the Big Fertility Project, a collaboration between patients and professionals who want to make life better for people with fertility issues.

I started this project because I was frustrated with the lack of high-quality engaging information online about fertility.

Fertility information is plentiful on the internet and traditional media. Professional organisations and patient groups independently produce patient information and many individuals share their stories through blogs and social media. Working independently results in content which is either variable quality or poor at engaging those who would benefit.

What is the Big Fertility Project?


Our vision is to provide an authoritative, impartial and honest point of view on fertility.   Knowledge is power but can also be overwhelming.  By working together, looking at the same issues from different viewpoints, we will help guide and support people experiencing fertility problems. The focus of our articles is on the patient, highlighting their experiences and narratives, and doing their words justice.

Our other role is to pick out the science behind their words and conditions, and give our readers more evidence-based information and infographics to aid their understanding and provide support! Think Humans of New York meets NHS Choices.

Who are we?

Progress Update

Currently, we are writing stories and looking for contributors, both patients and professionals.

Get involved

We need your help to make the Big Fertility Project a success. You can support us in different ways.

  • Share your fertility story
  • Join the editorial team as a patient or professional
  • Provide expert commentary 
  • Create infographics
  • Become a supporter

So if you want to get involved, I’d love to hear from you. You can contribute via our website

or get in touch if you have any questions at

Best wishes


Dr Matt Prior MBBS PhD MRCOG
Consultant in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery
Newcastle, UK